Fall 2021


Kerr Park*
1 Park Ln
Downingtown 19335
(Get Directions)


Boys and Girls
3rd – 12th Grades


or $510/team

Additional Details

Teams must have 6 players per team. 


  • Each team will play 3 games each night they appear on the schedule with 1 hour. (Example: Game Times: 6:00, 6:20, 6:40)
  • Games are 18 minutes or first team to reach the designated score
  • In the event of a tie, the game will go to sudden death. Foul shots will determine the team that gets the ball first.
    • 3rd-4th grade: Play by 2 and 3 points to 25.
    • 5th-6th grade: Play by 2 and 3 points to 25.
    • 7th-8th grade: Play by 2 and 3 points to 30.
    • 9th-10th grade: Play by 2 and 3 points to 35.
    • 11th-12th grade: Play by 2 and 3 points to 35.
  • Each team gets 1 “30 second” timeout per game.
  • Each possession starts with a check or whistle in. All Fouls and out-of-bounds will check out top.
  • Substitutions may be made on any made basket.
  • Clock will only stop for timeouts/injuries.
  • Bonus (1&1): After the 5th team foul, fouled team gets 1 foul shot. Make it and get the ball back up top, Miss and it is a live ball.
  • Shooting Foul: Any foul on a shot attempt inside the arc is 1 point awarded and 1 foul shot. Any shooting foul on a 3-pt attempt will result in 2 points for the fouled team and 1 shot.
  • Technical Fouls will result in a point and a foul shot.
  • Ball must be cleared beyond any part of the 3-pt line after any shot attempt, steal or change of possession with both feet.