General Information:

Teams will typically be scheduled to play “1-2” games a week. There is a chance that either a team may have an additional game or a bye week depending on the schedule.

Additional information:

  • Games for the youth league will be between the days of Monday through Thursday (Enjoy your weekends!)
  • Teams will play different nights of the week throughout the league.
  • Sunday will be used as a last resort for games if we receive a lot of rainouts.
  • The season is scheduled to start Mid-Late May and end the first week of August

League Setup:

The league will be available for boys and girls grades 3-12. The divisions will be broken down as follows:

3-4th grade: Elementary
5-6th grade: Intermediate
7-8th grade: Middle
9-10th grade: High School
11-12th grade: Senior
**Including 2021 High School Graduating Seniors**

League Rules:

D.A.S.H. will play under Pennsylvania interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) rules and regulations.

Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with a running clock until the final two minutes of play in the second half.

The league is mandating an equal play rule that states:

Each participant is to play half the game or equal to that of all his/her fellow teammates.

Weather Policy:

A contest is considered a complete game if halftime is reached.

Lightning will always be a 20 minute delay.